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“Dans les champs de l'observation le hasard ne favorise que les esprits préparés.”
(In the fields of observation chance favours only the prepared mind.)
- Louis Pasteur
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Innovative Research Solutions (IRS) established in 2016 is a privately owned company specializing in Research and Development within the food and related industries. The company has invested in highly skilled individuals who are regarded as leaders within their respective fields, to effectively assist in research and the translation of research, while maintaining commercial awareness in-line with customer needs and market trends. The human capital that resides within the company makes IRS one of the leaders in research and development in the food industry that will be competitive in not only the local, but also global market.

Our Services

Fundamental Research

Innovative Research Solutions in close collaboration with leading national and international tertiary institutions has identified strategic research areas within the food industry which remains the focus of fundamental…

New Product Development

Our product development strategy and support is divided into 3 distinct areas, based on the customer’s need of course. Category 1: Incremental Products These are products developed mainly…

Analytical Services

The analytical services offered by Innovative Research Solutions are mainly aimed at problem solving.  These tests mainly include non-routine chemical, biochemical and microbiological testing that will assist (i)…

In partnership with our customers, IRS is committed to providing solutions and services through a scientific-based approach